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    Without a doubt, that was the best dinner I'd ever had. I was used to bland school food and street vendor snacks and I'd only ever been to restaurants a few times in my life, so this was a huge change. With the ability to 'order' any food or drink I wanted by simply speaking to my plate or cup, I had a really good time. The stuff I ate, I'm not even going to say because the list is endless.
    I sat at the Hermes table. Shortly after Chiron and I arrived the other kids started gathering. All in all there were about fifty kids who were staying at camp year round, most of them in the Hermes cabin. Connor and Travis sat down next to me, one on either side, and I quickly gave up trying to decide which was which. They introduced me to the rest of the cabin, among them was nine year old Mikey whom I'd met earlier that day.
    We exchanged stories, I told them how I ended up at camp and vice versa. They all seemed quite surprised when I told them Chiron had a wife, some glanced at the centaur with smirks on their faces. However they were mostly interested in the monsters that had chased me. Apparently dirt zombies weren't very common. Once I was finished with my story Connor and Travis decided to retell their own tale, which made the entire table groan and say "Not again". However I was eager to listen, and that was all the enchouragement the twins needed. It was a pretty weird story, not ment for putting into writing.
    All in all the Hermes people seemed to accept me as one of their own pretty quickly, and soon, after the initial awkwardness, I was able to join in on their conversations and enjoy the food.
    With dinner drawing to a close, Chiron called for attention. He announced that with winter break coming, most of the demigods who attended school would be returning to camp in the following days, he also informed that if anyone wished to spend the holidays with their families, they may apply to him and transport would be arranged. Seeing as how I had no family, I was quite content with staying here. Once he was done, everybody got out of their seats and headed for the large bonfire, dragging me along.
    When I asked why, a passing girl from Demeter cabin said. "Camp fire sing along."
    "Sing along?" I asked, eyebrows raised, but the girl had already moved on. I wondered if 'sing along' was code for something far more sinister. But no, it literally was a sing along. Everybody gathered around the bonfire, taking seats on stools and benches, I noticed the Ares cabin was particularily miffed about the whole thing, all grumbling and sulking. Looking around I decided that most of the campers were about my age, fifteen or sixteen, but I spotted some nineteen yearolds as well, the youngest one being little Mikey at around nine. A couple Apollo kids brought out a bunch of instruments, a lyre, a harp, even a guitar, which remided me of my own guitar, alone in it's case, never to be played again, not by me at least.
    The first song was rather strange, about 'old Gran' putting on her armor, pretty weird and rather childish, but everybody seemed to know it, even the Ares kids sang it, rather grudgingly. Apparently it was an often repeated song. I just hummed along as best I could. After that everyone broke out talking and the Apollo kids started playing something more sensible. I did notice however that the guitar remained untouched. Meanwhile, two girls were playing lyres, another the harp, while two older guys played the cello and violin. I listened to the melody, and couldn't help feeling it could really use some guitar. I stood up and walked up to where the musicians where sitting.
    "May I?" I asked, pointing at the guitar case.
    "You play?" Asked the kid playing the cello. He was looking at me, but his hands kept doing their job without a fault.
    "A bit yeah." I nodded. "I do have a guitar, but I didn't really get the opportunity to pack my own stuff on my way here."
    The kid shrugged. "Sure, give it a go."
    I opened the case and took out the guitar, taking a minute to examine it. It was a beautiful specimen, a Gibson. Rosewood back and sides and spruce top. I realised it was the model Bob Dylan himself had used at one point. I sat down on a stool next to the other players and started to pick the strings. It needed no tuning, everything was perfect. I sat still for a moment, listening to their melody before joining in, my fingers automatically finding the perfect cords to fit their notes. It was then that for the first time since I'd woken up, I felt truly relaxed and at home. This was something I was completely comfortable with, and it reminded me of all the times I played with my music group, and the fun I used to have. Soon I was lost in the music, my eyes staring blankly into nothing, not even noticing that many heads had turned from their conversations and were now looking at me, even some of the other musicians had stopped playing, which made my guitar more audible. Soon I was the only one playing.
    I can't remember what it was I played, I knew I was improvising, but I guess it was something good since most of the camp was now listening to me, the other players having stopped to listen as well. Of course, I hadn't realised everyone was staring at me, because if I did I'd probably have gotten sudden stage fright and made a wreck of myself, instead I just continued to stare into nothingness. The warmth of the fire on my back was so relaxing.
    Suddenly there was a collective gasp from the crowd, the violinnist and cellist, who were nearest to me, even sat up and backed away from me. That finally jolted me out of my trance. I looked up at everyone, suddenly becoming self conscious.
    "What, I wasn't that bad was I?" I asked. Then I noticed they weren't exactly looking at me, they were all staring at a spot right above my head. I glanced up, and almost fell out of my chair.
    Above my head shined brightly, a holographic logo of a golden lyre, much like the ones the Apollo girls had been playing.
    "What the?" I stammered, jolting out of my chair. The logo followed, it still shined right above my head, revolving ever so slightly. I was about to try and touch it when, just as suddenly as it had appeared, it vanished. I ran my hand through my hair, making sure it had not been lit on fire, then I glanced back at the crowd, who were now staring right at me.
    "Um, what was that?" I asked, now gripping the guitar as if it was a shield.
    "That." Said Chiron, appearing at the edge of the crowd. "Is the symbol of Apollo, you have just been claimed."
    I was silent, and so was everyone else.
    Chiron bent his front legs and bowed, soon followed by the other campers. "Hail to you Davy Faraday." He said solemnly. "Son of Apollo, master of music, speaker of prophecies and god of the Sun."


    I was the first to wake up, at six in the morning, a full two hours before breakfast. I'd been unable to sleep for multiple reasons. Firstly, I'd been sleeping for five days straight, secondly, my head was still buzzing from all the life changing information I'd been fed, and thirdly, I was just so full of adrenaline. I finally fell asleep around three in the morning.
    I got out of bed, very careful not to make any noises so as to avoid waking anybody up. I hadn't even had the sense to change into my new sleep clothes, so I didn't have to bother dressing. Instead I just picked my shoes up and slowly sneaked towards the exit barefoot. Once the doors to the cabin were closed I put them on.
    The sun had only just recently risen, but it was surprisingly pleasant, not cold at all. A fresh sea breeze wafted past me as I stretched out, cracking my spine and yawning widely. Then I noticed that in the distance, outside camp borders, the ground was completely white, while the camp grounds were lush green as if it was the middle of spring. This would have been strange to me if one of the Hermes girls hadn't explained to me earlier that the camp had magical temperature regulation, so they could choose what kind of weather to have, which was pretty neat.
    Taking my eyes off the distant snow, I took in the sights of the camp once again before my eyes fell upon the bonfire at the dining pavillion.
    Last night, after Chiron proclaimed me son of Apollo, and after a few seconds of stunned silence, all the Apollo kids crowded me, cheering, patting my back, shaking my hand. It was quite an overwhelming feeling. Eventually, once Chiron got everyone's attention back, he wished everyone a good night and the campers dispersed. The Apollo kids, my cabin mates, led me to Cabin Seven, a building made of solid gold that shined in the daylight, definitely the flashiest building at camp. There I was introduced to my new brothers and sisters. Luckily at that time there were only nine other children of Apollo at camp, so the names and faces didn't get mixed up. Among my new siblings was Will Solace, who looked just as pleased as the others. We talked for a while but eventually they let me go to bed, and things soon settled down.
    After all that attention, I decided I required some alone time, so it was a good thing I woke two hours before anyone else. I knew where I wanted to go, I'd even remembered to take my spear along. I headed for the arena.
Apart from the weapons, training dummies and automatons, the arena was almost completely empty, almost. Upon entering I was greeted by a wall of black fur, a dozen gallons of slobber and one earthshaking. "WOOF!"
    Before I could react, I was laying on my back, a gigantic paw pinning me to the ground while a massive pink tongue licked me all over.     Now, I reckon myself a dog person so I didn't mind getting licked, but by the gods, what was this beast?
    "Stphh...Stoplth!" I spluttered, trying to push the mammoth foot of my chest. Eventually, after much writhing and kicking, the mass of fur moved. I scrambled to my knees, shaking some of the slobber off before looking at my attacker.
    In front of me sat the largest creature I'd ever seen with my own two eyes, and I'd seen some pretty big grizzlies in zoos before. The dog was the size of a dumpster truck, with jet black fur, beady eyes and long shiny fangs. It hadn't tried to eat me, so I took that as a good sign.
    "Nice mammoth." I called, slowly getting up to my feet. "You won't, eat me will you?" I asked.
    The creature tilted it's head, as if contemplating the question. Then it barked again, which made my eardrums hurt. It got up and stomped over to the weapon racks, knocked one of them over and picked up a large, round shield in it's powerful yaws, then romped back over to me and dropped the shield at my feet.
    I stared at the creature, then down at the shield, then back again. "You want what?" I muttered. "You want me to throw it, like a frisbee?"
    It gave another loud. "WOOF!"
    I swallowed. "Okay, sure." I bent down slowly, keeping one eye on the creature as I picked the shield up. I glanced around, looking for a good direction to thow the shield, then I gripped it's edge, spun on the spot and let go of the shield which flew across the arena. The creature barked happily and charged after it, leaving me covered in a layer of slobber and dust.
    By the time I'd cleaned myself off, it was back, frisbee-shield in mouth. I took a moment to look it over, then I smiled. "You're harmless aren't you?" I asked, looking it right in the eyes. I took the shield out of it's grasp, set it at my feet and proceeded to scratch it's yaw. The creature's tongue lolled out as it started to pant, just like any dog, except the smell was a few hundred times more pungent.
    "What's your name?" I asked, somehow managing to breathe. It just stared at me, black eyes sparkling. I glanced at her neck and noticed it had a collar, which looked more like a military grade belt with which they used to tie massive rocket carriers to oxen and other load carrying mammals. Off the collar hung a bone shaped name tag which said "Mrs. O'Leary."
    "Mrs. O'Leary." I read. "So you're a girl." I said looking back at her, she made a soft growl in response.
    "Okay." I laughed. "You want me to throw your shield again?" I asked, already picking the slime covered bronze shield again.
    She jolted back to her feet as I threw the shield again and she ran. This time she caught the thing in mid air. Looking quite proud of herself, Mrs. O'Leary the mammoth dog stomped around the arena once then layed down in what looked like her usual resting spot and started to chew the shield like a dog might chew a bone.
    It took me a another couple of minutes to clean myself up propperly. Once I was done, I spent a couple of minutes exploring the rest of the arena. The training dummies looked completely smashed to pieces, they'd been stabbed, slashed, cut and even shot uncountable times. The weapon racks packed an impressive arsenal of bronze weapons and shields, but nothing as cool as my own. Most of the automatons were all stashed together on one side, a few lay in peices on the floor, no doubt used as chew toys by my new slobbery friend. I considered activating one of the automatons for a moment, but then I realised I didn't know how, and even if I did I doubted I could fight it, my wound had healed almost completely thanks to the nectar, but my whole torso still felt sore. I didn't really want to risk getting stabbed again, which was a pretty sensible wish.
    Instead I opted to use the practice dummies for now. I walked to the middle of the arena to get a little distance between me and the dummies, wondering if I could intentionally recreate that spear throw that had saved my life. I knew I did it, but I didn't know how, it was very much a reflex move, my body had acted of it's own accord, much like jumping away when you're electrecuted. I gripped my spear tighter in my hand, narrowing my eyes at the pathetic and extremely deadly looking dummies. I took a step back, remembering the stance I'd taken just before the throw. I lifted my right arm, my throwing arm, above my head. I wasn't really sure how I was supposed to aim but I did my best. I zeroed in on one of the dummies in the front row, took a deep breath, swung my arm and let go of the spear. I wasn't surprised. The spear barely reached my target, imbedding itself in the dirt a yard away from where it was supposed to hit.
    "Okay." I said to myself, exhaling. "So that's how it's gonna go."
    I guessed being in a situation of imminent death, and standing in a safe traing arena weren't the really the same. My reflexes were activated out of self preservation, and I wasn't under any threat at the moment. I sighed and went to pick up my spear.
    "I guess I'll have to train." I muttered as I walked back to my spot.
    I spent the next hour or so doing exactly that, practicing, not like I had anything else to do, and even though I hadn't slept very well, I had loads of energy to burn off. Throw after throw after throw I improved little, but at least I got the aim right and actually managed to hit the dummy a few times, even if the spear bounced off it's armor. I didn't mind however, I enjoyed the excercise, pausing every now and then to throw another shield for Mrs. O'Leary so she wouldn't chase after my spear. I was so focused on practicing, covered in both sweat and slobber, I didn't even notice the time passing.
     Eventually, after the millionth throw, I had to take a break, my shoulder felt quite numb and my fingers were stiff from gripping the spear. I stuck it in the dirt and leaned on it for support while I steadied my breathing, whiping the sweat of my brow. Mrs. O'Leary was now chewing another automaton, I wondered if all the slime would make it short-circuit. I let a couple of minutes pass as I regained my strength before I straightened up and picked my spear up again, ready for a few more throws before going to take a shower before breakfast.
    I'd just lifted my spear up, taking my throwing stance as usual, and was about to throw it when Mrs. O'Leary gave a resounding "WOOF!" and a nerve twitched at the back of my neck, someone was behind me. Suddenly my body took over and tired as I was, I was unable to stop myself. My body twisted around and instead of throwing towards the dummies, my spear flew at terminal velocity towards the arena doors. I tripped over myself due to the strange position I ended up in and fell to my knees, meanwhile I heard a surprised someone at the door shout "Whoa!" and a loud metallic clink as metal met metal and my spear flew in another direction.
    Once I'd reagined my balance, I looked up. At the door, a couple yards away from me stood a guy I'd never met before, I remembered Chiron saying last night that some of the other campers would be arriving in the coming days, so I didn't find this strange. He looked about my age, wore the now common orange t-shirt, faded blue jeans and sneakers.
    "What was that for?" He asked, rather miffed, I couldn't blame him.
    "Yeah, um." I stammered as I got to my feet. "Sorry about that, you uh, surprised me is all, I have weird reflexes."
    The kid stared at me for a moment before nodding and saying. "Nice throw." He picked my spear up and approached.
    Once he was close enough I realised we were the exact same height and of similair build, him being more slimmer and more muscular, clearely he'd spent a lot of time in this arena. He had windswept black hair, longer than mine, a thinner face and sea green eyes. Then I noticed his weapon with which he'd deflected my spear without much trouble. It looked like a common celestial bronze sword, except it also had a faint glow about it.
    "But lets not do that again, ok?" He asked with a grin that reminded me a little of the sly grins characteristic of the Hermes kids. "If that had been anyone else but me, this thing would have gone right through them."
    I wasn't sure what he ment by that so I just said "Right." And cracked a relieved smile as he handed me back my weapon.
    It looked as if he was about to say something when suddenly Mrs. O'Leary's fur impeaded my vision as she jumped on the new guy just as she'd done with me, and proceeded to lick his face enthusiastically.
    "Alright, alright Mrs. O'Leary, it's good to see you too!" I heard him laugh somewhere underneath her. "Just, get off ok, be a good dog!" Mrs. O'Leary obeyed and allowed the guy to get up, now as wet as I had been when I first met her.
    "Your pet I assume?" I asked, grinning.
    "Yeah." He said, clearing the slime from his face. "She's an old friend."
    "Your friend is a giant mammoth dog?" I lifted an eyebrow. "What kind of pet shop did you go to?"
    The guy laughed, now scratching Mrs. O'Leary behind her ears. "I don't think they sell hellhounds in pet shops." He said. "I inherited Mrs. O'Leary after her previous owner died." Mrs. O'Leary whimpered sadly.
    "A hellhoud, like, monster from the Underworld hellhound?" I asked, taking a cautious step back.
    "Yep." He answered, unconcerned. "Mrs. O'Leary is the only good hellhound in existance, aren't you girl?"
    "WOOF!" Mrs. O'Leary answered, thumping her massive tail on the ground.
    "Name's Percy by the way, Percy Jackson." Said Percy, offering a hand.
    "Davy Faraday." We shook. "So, you're the almighty Jackson I've heard so much about." I said. He didn't look very heroic, he looked like a pretty normal guy.
    "Oh, what have you heard?" He asked.
    "That you fought the ancient titans and saved Olympus, and the world." I said.
    Percy nodded. "Yeah, I suppose I did do most of the heavy lifting." He made it sound like an inside joke. "But I didn't do it all on my own though." He pointed out. "Most of it, sure, but not all."
    He lifted his sword and touched it's tip. Instantly the sword transformed into an ordinary ball point pen.
    "Cool." I said, then just to show of, pressed the delta button on my spear, which instantlly clicked and transformed into a sword, half as long as Percy's. That sounded a little wrong.
    Percy nodded and grinned. "Not bad yourself, but does yours also magically reappear in your pocket if you drop it."
    "I don't know, haven't tried to loose it yet." I shrugged, than grinned. "I suppose you do it all the time then."
    He pointed at me and narrowed his eyes, but his grin widened. "Nice one."
    It was then I decided this Percy guy wasn't so bad, just an ordinary guy who happened to save the world.
    "You know, I give sword fighting lessons here in the arena, you can come by sometime and I'd be glad to give you some pointers." He offered. "Just don't let things go to your head and think you can beat me." He said, pocketing his pen-sword with a wink.
    We talked back and forth like that for a while while Mrs. O'Leary stomped around happily. Percy looked surprised when I told him she'd offered me to throw shields for her, something only Percy usually did. Eventually he asked me when I got here and I told him my story. He seemed impressed which I suppose was a good thing coming from a guy who'd killed more monsters than most of the other campers combined, and just like everybody else he was quite surprised when I told him about Chiron's wife.
    "That sly horse." He said with a grin.
    When I asked him. "And what's your story?" He chuckled and asked.
    "Which story exactly? I have a few." Then he started to count them on his fingers. "The time I killed the Minotaur, that time Annabeth, Grover and I almost got turned to stone by the Medusa, the time I held up the sky, the time I took a dip in the river Styx then singlehandedly destroyed an entire army of Hades and stole his dress, or the time we turned the titan Hyperion into a tree."
    He probably would have gone on for a while, but I stopped him. "Okay." I held my hands up in surrender. "I get it, you've got a pretty impressive résumé."
    I was about to ask who Annabeth and Grover were when the arena doors creaked, and another person stepped in. This time a girl.
    "There you are." She said as Percy turned to look at her. "I say we have to check if Rachel has arrived and suddenly you disappear." She reprimanded Percy. She walked over to us, and for once Mrs. O'Leary didn't jump at the new arrival, instead she just barked in greeting.
    She was slightly shorter than either of us, with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail, draped over her shoulder. She had storm gray eyes, and I'd never seen gray eyes before. She was pretty, that was obvious, but not in that 'girly' way, more the 'Punch you first, kiss you later' kind of way. What was also obvious is that these two were definitely a couple, so I perished that thought immediately.
    "For your information." She continued. "She hasn't arrived yet."
    "Oh, good." Percy stammered. "I mean, shame, real shame." He gulped, his confidence dropping under her glare. Then he glanced at me and said. "Oh right, Annabeth, meet Davy, he's new to the camp. Davy, this is-"
    "Annabeth Chase." She interrupted him, offering a hand which I shook. "Nice to meet you."
    "You as well." I said, trying not to laugh as Percy did his best to regain his composure, mighty Jackson indeed. Chase, I was pretty sure I'd met a guy in Boston named Chase a while ago, during a school trip, probably a coincidence, Chase wasn't an uncommon name.
    "So, you're the illegal son of Poseidon, the god of the seas." I said, smiling at Percy who looked a litte offronted at the word 'illegal'. "And you are?"
    "Daughter of Athena." Annabeth answered. "Goddess of wisdom, crafts and military strategy."
    I lifted my eyebrows. "Son of Poseidon and a daughter of Athena? Aren't you like, supposed to be hating eachother over that whole city sponsorship contest your parents had a few millenia ago?"
    "You know Greek mythology?" Annabeth asked.
    "I know history." I shrugged. "And as it turns out Greek mythology is actual part of history so, yeah I suppose I do."
    "Well." Annabeth crossed her arms smirking at Percy. "I used to hate him, still do sometimes, but he is a Seaweed Brain after all, so I have to go easy on him."
    "Hey!" Percy protested.
    "I'd have thought your parents would be against it." I interrupted.
    Percy shot Annabeth a glare then said. "Oh Athena hates me alright." He put an arm around her shoulders with a smirk. "But I suppose after I saved the world, which includes the gods, I deserved a little reward."
    "Don't brag Percy." Annabeth gave him a playful push.
    "Hey." He raised a finger. "Braging rights are part of the reward."
    All three of us laughed and Mrs. O'Leary looked at us curiously.
    "Anyway." Said Annabeth. "Who's your godly parent?"
    "Apollo." I said. "Found out last night."
    "Apollo?" Percy lifted an eyebrow. "Never seen an Apollo kid with red hair, most of them are blonde."
    "I guess my mortal parent genes won." I smiled.
    "Apollo's alright." Percy continued. "Well, as long as he doesn't sing haiku." He shuddered.
    "Percy!" Annabeth punched his shoulder.
    "You've met my dad?" I asked.
    "Sure." He said. "We've met all the Olympians, heck, Annabeth's in charge of rebuilding Olympus."
    "Which you wrecked." She retorted.
    "What?" He protested. "I did no such thing, that was all Chronos' fault."
    They'd probably have continued bickering like that but I stopped them.
    "Okay guys." I held up my hands. "Nice talking to you, but I should get going, need to take a shower before breakfast." I gestured at my filthy t-shirt.
    Percy frowned. "Good point, for some reason dog slime doesn't fall into Poseidon's sphere of influence, doesn't dry out."
    Annabeth smirked. "We should get going too then, and I really need to talk to Chiron before breakfast."
    "And let me guess." Percy muttered. "I'm not allowed to listen in."
    Annabeth nodded as if it were obvious. "You've learned."
    Before we left, Percy told Mrs. O'Leary to go for a run. In response she quite happily ran away from us, jumped, and was suddenly sucked into a shadow created by one of the collums.
    "Shadow travel." Percy explained. "She can do that."
    I followed Percy and Annabeth out of the arena as we headed towards the cabins.

    Now, you might be asking yourself: Where is that titular mental breakdown of his? Don't worry, it's coming. To be perfectly honest, I though I was slowly loosing my mind, and I was panicking, internally. But I thought that if I was going mad, there was nothing I could do about it, so best just play along.
    Once again I repeat, Camp Half-Blood was a pretty cool place. Will showed me the climbing wall up close, still wasn't a fan. He introduced me to a bunch of Aphrodite kids, mostly girls, who looked at me as if I was fresh meat brought in for slaughter, I was glad when we moved on. He led me past one of the cabins where I met a couple of Hephaestus kids who looked friendly enough, covered in soot and oil stains, they were instantly reckognisable as children of the god of blacksmiths and fire. They all shook my hand and welcomed me to the Camp, but at the same they seemed a little preoccupied, their eyes revealing a twinge of sadness in them.
    "It's because of Beckendorf." Will explained once we'd moved on, as if reading my mind.
    "Beckawho?" I asked.
    "Counselor of Hephaestus cabin, he died in the battle against Chronos." Will said sadly. "He was a good guy, even the Ares cabin respected him, best smith in the camp." He sighed. "The other Hephaestus kids haven't been the same ever since."
    I didn't say anything, which was my way of showing respect for dead people I never knew.
    "Brace yourself." Will said warningly. "You're about to meet the spawn Ares."
    He sounded like he didn't really want to do this, very encouraging.
    Outside the cabin slash armory were only two kids, a girl and a boy. The girl, with short blonde hair and chizzled on scowl was standing cross armed talking to the younger looking boy, who was a head shorter than her and looked quite terrified. She seemed to be reprimanding him for something.
    "Clarisse!" Will called, sounding reluctant. The girl Clarisse turned.
    "What?" She scowled at Will. For a girl, she was quite muscular and bulky. She wore a modern military outfit, a bronze spear was slung across her back. She definitely looked like a daughter of the war god.
    "Are you harrassing little children again?" Will asked. He seemed unfazed by her glare. Judging by his sarcastic tone of voice, I guessed these two were often at each others throats. "Go on Mikey, get back to your cabin." The little boy gave Will a grateful look before bolting further down the path.
    "You're lukcy kid!" Clarisse shouted after him. "But if I catch you trying to steal stuff from my cabin again, I'll pullverise you!" She returned her glare on Will. "What do you want?" Then her eyes landed on me. "Oh, the newbie is awake." She rolled her eyes and pushed past Will, I took a cautious step backward.
    "I'd offer my hand but I get the feeling you'd rather break it than shake it." I said, lifting an eyebrow, just to show that I wasn't intimidated, not entirely. Oh, you think it's funny being intimidated by a girl? Trust me, at Camp Half-Blood you'll learn fast, girls are dangerous, especially when wielding sharp objects.
    Clarisse glared at me. "Whatch it newbie." She said. "You're lucky you're injured and I don't fight invalids, otherwise I'd introduce your face with the floor." She kicked a bit of dirt for effect.
    Usually when people threaten me, it's an empty threat so I can snap back with a burning comment, but I got the feeling this time the threat was real. Clarisse looked like she could konck out Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    "Noted." I said, griping my spear tighter.
    She glanced at it. "Nice spear." She admitted grudgingly. "Where'd you get it?"
    Naturally, as a child of the war god, she'd be interested in weapons. "Spoil of war." I said simply.
    She grunted. "Well, we'll see if you can use it in the arena." Then she looked back at Will, who had a surprised look on his face, probably because he had expected Clarisse to pullverise me the moment she layed her eyes on me. "You're still here?" She asked him.
    Will pursed his lips. "Come on." He said, and we moved on.
    "She's um, interesting." I said, once we were out of earshot.
    Will rolled his eyes. "Pray you're not a child of Ares." He said. "They're your usual bully type kids, just imagine an entire cabin of them."
    I didn't want to imagine. I'd had enough experience with bullies in my primary school days. I was one of those kids who usually happened to hang out with the kids that suffered from bullying, so I got involved a lot.
    "I'd best not pray to Ares himself for that." I said.
    Next up was Dionysus cabin. Unfortunately it was completely empty. When I asked why Will explained.
    "Oh Mr. D has only one child, he had two but, the war happened." He said with a sad tone in his voice. "Mr. D isn't a fan of demigods, he hates pretty much all of us and the feeling is mutual in most cases. It's been like that for millenia, ever since a bunch of demigods wronged his wife, Ariadne."
    I remembered reading the book Ariadne for school, pretty boring, who knew it would ever be of any use. "Why do you call him Mr. D?" I asked.
    Will shrugged. "It's easier to call him that, he's camp director so we see him all the time unlike the other Olympians who just kinda pup up now and then, and when they do it's usually bad news."
    "A god is camp director?" I lifted an eyebrow.
    "Well until recently he was." Will said. "We don't know why but a couple of weeks ago he just disappeared, according to Chiron he was summoned back to Olympus by Zeus."
    I let that sink in. So the god of wine, hater of demigods was part time director of a demigod summer camp, that must be nice.
    The next cabin was Hermes cabin. More kids stayed in this cabin than any other I'd seen so far.
    "Hermes cabin used to be full to bursting." Will explained. "The god Hermes was happy to take in any undetermined kids, since he is the god of travellers, among other things such as thieves and messangers." He said. "Ever since the war ended, most of them got claimed by their real godly parents and moved. Despite that Hermes cabin still packs the biggest number of demigods."
    "I assume I'll be staying here then?" I asked, trying to get a glance inside through the open door.
    Will nodded. "Unless you're claimed by the end of the day you'll stay here until your parent claims you."
    I was just in the middle of wondering if Hermes could possibly be my godly parent when Will called. "Hey, Connor, Travis!" A moment later two guys my age poked their heads out.
    Okay so, first, the normal stuff. I was pretty sure they were identical twins, almost the same height, same long messy brown hair, same eyes, and identical sly grins. They both wore orange t-shirts and faded blue jeans.
    Now the weird stuff. For some reason, one of them was covered in shaving foam and tooth paste, the other had hair loops in his hair and an eyepatch on his left eye.
    "Sup Solace!" Called the one with the eyepatch.
    "This the new guy?" Asked the other one.
    Will glanced at me like Don't ask. "Guys." He said. "This is Davy, your potential new cabin mate."
    Two identical evil smiles appeared on the twins' faces. What had Will said? God of thieves? My free hand immediately went to my pocket, where I kept my precious iPod.
    "Cool." Said eyepatch. He approached me and offered his hand. "I'm Connor, counselor to Hermes cabin, this is my bro Travis." He said as shaving foam Travis shook my hand as well.
    "Dude." Said Travis. "That spear of yours, totally wicked, pierced through a training automaton like cheese."
    "Wait." I said. "How do you, what automaton?"
    "Oh, don't worry." Said Travis, instantly making me worried. "We um, borrowed your spear while you were asleep, not like you needed it. But it's cool, we put it back, that is the real one, I think."
    "Real reassuring guys." I frowned. "You guys have automatons? Like, actual bronze robot dudes?" I asked.
    Travis nodded. "We use them for training in the arena, much more of a challenge than a practise dummy, and less dangerous than a demigod. Plus the Hephaestus cabin can repair them in no time so we can bash them up again and again."
    I glanced at my spear, wodering how I'd cope if I was faced by a bunch of automatons. "So where is the arena?" I asked.
    "Just behind the cabins, near the forest next to the armory." Will said. "The forest is where we play capture the flag, it's filled with all sorts of monsters for demigods to hunt."
    "Can't wait." I said, I wasn't sure if I meant it or was just being sarcastic.
    "Anyways." Will said. "We'll leave you guys to your um, thing." He looked the brothers up and down.
    "See you at dinner Faraday!" I shook their hands again and we moved on.
    As we walked, Will stopping to point something out every now and then, I kept thinking who my father might be. I didn't have much to go on. I didn't know my mom because she travelled a lot. Hermes was the god of travellers, then again, he's also the god of thieves and that's not really my thing. I loved music, Apollo is the god of music, but then everybody loves music. We'll see tonight, I thought. I just hoped I wouldn't have a Darth Vader slash Luke moment when I found out.
    Will was about to lead me towards the arena when I noticed the two big cabins ahead. These looked like actual temples. "Zeus and Hera?" I guessed.
    Will nodded. "King and queen of Olympus, but their cabins are empty."
    "Why?" I asked.
    "Well Hera is the godess of marrige." Will said. "Unlike her husband she doesn't break her vows of marriage. And until recently, Zeus was one of three gods who wasn't supposed to have children. Decades ago Zeus and Poseidon forced Hades to make a pact not to have children because they were too powerful and caused too much trouble, like the Second World War for example."
    For some reason the World War thing didn't surprise me. "Supposed?" I asked, the words hadn't escaped my notice.
    Will smirked. "Weirdly enough Hades ended up the only one not to break the pact, he didn't have any new children. Meanwhile, Zeus had Thalia, who is now a Hunter of Artemis, and Percy is a son of Poseidon."
    "Didn't have any new children?" I asked.
    "As I said Hades didn't break the pact, but he's a smart god and even though he respects every deal, he'll eventually find a way to get around it somehow." Will said. "Before he agreed to the pact, he hid his only two kids away in a magic hotel called the Lotus Cassino in Las Vegas. It's a weird place that acts as a time capsule, once you go in, it's almost impossible to get out, and if you do get out you'll probably find yourself a few decades in the future."
    I shuddered. "I think I preffer the TARDIS."
    Will chuckled. "Anyway, Hades put his two kids, Nico and Bianca in there, but they eventually got out a few years ago. So while Hades technically didn't break the I said, he always finds a loop hole."
    "Hades, god of the dead, lawyer in his spare time." I said, shaking my head. I tried to imagine how weird it would be to unwillingly find yourself in a different time period, with no going back. I decided then I'd never visit Las Vegas.
    It took another half hour for for Will to show me the rest of camp. He showed me the arena, a wide circle surrounded by greek collums, filled with training dummies and yes, bronze automatons, currently inert, some of them strewn in bits across the floor. We passed next to the pegassus stables, and I had a slight panick attack when I almost got trampled by a girl riding a pure white pegassus as they came in for a landing. Will told me about pegassi and areal combat, which I'd soon be practising, I wasn't looking forward to that, I don't to well with heights. Then he led me by the strawberry fields where I met a whole bunch of satyrs who were playing their pan pipes, working some sort of nature magic to make the plants grow faster.
    Finally, when we'd made a full circle, Will stopped just a couple yards away from the Big House and said. "Right, you should go see Chiron now, he'll want to speak to you."
    "What about you?" I asked.
    "I gotta get back to Apollo cabin, it's almost dinner time anyway, I'll see you there." And with that, he was gone.
    I watched him go for a minute. The moment he was out of sight, instead of moving on, my legs turned to jellow and I collapsed on the floor. I crossed my legs and put my face in my hands. I'd managed to force myself to keep my cool during the tour but now that I was alone, I could afford a moment of absolute breakdown before attempting to get up again. I sat there for at least fifteen minutes, staring blankly at the floor while all the new information of the earthshattering variety kept bouncing around in my head. If my sanity was to be trusted, I'd just woken up in a summer camp for the children of all powerful immortal ancient gods, and apparently, my dad was one of those gods. My dad was an ancient Greek god. A small part of me, that little kid that lives inside everyone, though Awesome, my dad is a god! But in reality, I wasn't so sure if I sould be jumping around in happiness. I knew the old myths, gods were usually bad news, and old demigod heroes never, if rarely, had a happy ending. Another part of my brain though Wait, if Greek gods are real, does that mean all the other ones are real too? Egyptian, Norse, Indian?  But I quickly surpressed that thought, my brain was already short circuiting. I rubbed my face with my hands, trying to organise my thoughts. Usually I'm an optimistic person and I always have a way of looking at things positively, I was sure being a demigod couldn't be that bad. Sure, I'd almost died just a few days ago, but the important thing was I survived to tell the tale. And all the people I'd met so far at this camp, they didn't seem half bad, except maybe Clarisse but I never let myself be intimidated by bullies, even if they are perfectly capable of kicking my butt. I imagined living here at camp, training to survive future monster attacks. Then I compared it to my life so far. Sixteen years old, lived most of my life in orphanages, attending school without the slightest idea or a plan for my future. Up till then I though I was happy with my lot in life, but looking back, I realised just how absolutley bored I'd been, what a dull existance I'd been living. Sure, I was an average student, I was good at history but I sucked at most other subjects, maths and science in particular, I wasn't a problematic child and got along well with most of my teachers, I'd made a few friends on the way too. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised I didn't want to go back to that life, which was basically just a constant circle of sleep, eat, school, day in and day out. I picked up my spear which I'd dropped on the floor and examined it more closely. It was a pretty wicked weapon. A bronze spear tip the length of my forearm was connected to a shaft of the same metal, but it was surprisingly light. I ran my fingers the length of the spear, it wasn't round, it was octagonal, except for one round part in the very middle, the balance point of the spear. Then I noticed a slight indentation in the middle, like a thumbprint, with the capital Greek letter delta, shaped like a triangle. Curious, I pressed my thumb into it. Instantly the whole weapon shuddered. I dropped it back on the floor and watched in amazment as the spear began to collapse in on itself. With a series of clicks the long shaft of the spear transformed into a much shorter grip, the blade stayed the same. Instead of a spear, I now had a short sword. I gripped the handle and couldn't help grinning when I felt it fit perfectly. I decided not to think about how this was possible because it wasn't the weirdest thing I'd seen today. I found the same button and pressed it with my index finger. Nothing happened. Then I tried with my thumb and immediately the sword shifted back into spear form. This time I didn't let go but let the thing expand in my hand. Really, it was worth being a demigod just for stuff like this. And I managed to kill a monster with this. I thought. It was then and there that I decided Hey, this whole demigod thing, I suppose I can live with it. I stood up on firmer legs, still marvelling at my weapon. Now, I'm not the violent type, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to killing more evil monsters with it.
    "Chiron." I said to myself, and with a much more confidence in my step, I made way towards the Big House.


    When I entered the living room, Chiron was already there, still in his wheelchair, his hands clasped together, staring into the blazing fireplace. I knocked on the door frame before stepping inside.
    Chiron turned to see me. "Ah, there you are, I trust William has introduced you to our camp?" He asked.
    "Yeah." I said. "It's a, pretty interesting place."
    Chiron chuckled, turning his wheelchair around to face me. "I am glad you like it, you'll be spending your summers here training." He said. "If, you wish of course."
    I raised an eyebrow. "I can say no?"
    "Of course." Chiron nodded. "Though you'd probably be singing you death warrant by doing so." He gestured for me to sit down.
    "Yeah, well." I said with a slight smile. "I've decided to stay." I sat down. "I'm still having trouble grasping this, well all of this." I gestured around the room. "But I know it's true, I'm pretty sure I'm not insane, not even my imagination could think up something this wild." I laughed at myself. "No use crying about it, just move on." My life's motto.
    Chiron nodded, looking impressed. "I'm glad you think so, usually it takes a lot longer for new campers to adapt to their new reality, in some cases they refuse to." He said sadly.
    "Why?" I asked, for the millionth time that day.
    Chiron shrugged. "There have been a few cases, years ago, where the new demigods came from very strict religious familes. Imagine suddenly having your whole life of worshipping one god shattered with the news that there are more than one and that they have little to do with the Bible. Some simply refuse to believe it, they leave and, well, they don't last long." He frowned.
    I knitted my eyebrows. "So, is there a God?" I asked. "Like capital G God, or Allah or whatever?"
    Chiron raised his hands in surrender. "You ask big questions." He said. "But as old as I am even I can't answer that one."
    I noticed Chiron shift uncomfortably in his seat as he glanced up at the ceiling. I decided to drop the subject.
    "Anyways." I said. "I don't think I've thanked you, for saving my life, so yeah, thanks."
    Chiron nodded, looking relieved at the change of subject. "Every demigod's life is worth saving, but you'll have to learn to protect yourself now." He said firmly. He was silent for a moment before saying. "Those things that attacked you, describe them for me again."
    "Well." I though back to that night on the hill. "As I said, they were all wearing black Greek armor, had spears, some had shields, and they all had black bandannas on their heads. They also disintegrated into dirt when I stabbed them."
    Chiron scratched his beard. "I am not quite sure what this means, but I know of the soldiers you describe."
    "Who are they?" I leaned forward in my seat.
    "In the ancient times they were known as the Myrmidons." Chiron said. "They were legendary mortal heroes commanded by Achilles himself. Their black armor and the bandannas were their, trademarks you could say."
    "Myrmidons." I repeaded the word. "But, weren't they good guys, afterall, they worked for Achilles, one of the most famous Greek heroes."
    Chiron frowned. "True, the Myrmidons were once upon a time, great warriors. They followed Achilles and Achilles alone. But, after Achilles died during the siege of Troy-" A sad spark glinted in Chiron's eyes at these words. "-the Myrmidons were left masterless. They might have entered the service of another great hero, but Odysseus went missing after Troy and Ajax, well, he died, rather misteriously, shortly after the war." He sighed. "Eventually the once proud Myrmidons became nothing more than payed mercenaries, working for the highest bidder. They turned from honorable soldiers to feared brigands."
    I was silent, staring at Chiron. I found it difficult to imagine myself in his shoes, or hooves. An immortal trainer of demigods, he'd trained all the great heroes of the ancient times, but they all died eventually, despite his efforts. I felt sorry for the old centaur. He's been training demigods for thousands of years, and he's seen each and every one of them die. For the first time I realised what a lonely existance immortality can actually be, seeing all your friends and family pass away, while you linger on forever. Maybe being immortal wasn't as cool as it seemed.
    At last I said. "These Myrmidons, aren't they supposed to be like, in the Underworld or something?"
Chiron's face darkened. "They should yes, but..." He hesitated. "Strange things have been happening recently, I've heard tell of angry spirits escaping the Underworld before, but now..." He frowned. "It's as if the Underworld has had a massive jailbreak."
    "The Underworld had a jailbreak, great." I muttered.
    "It is uncommon for so many spirits to escape Hades all at once, and why they'd come after you, I do not know." Chiron murmured, playing with his beard again.
    "Yeah, I'm pretty curious about that too." I said. "If these guys are all ancient super heroes, why would they zero in on me? They seemed pretty determined to kill me." I emphasised the point by pressing the palm of my hand to the wound in my abdomen.
    Chiron shook his head. "I cannot say, but this is not the first strange occurance I've heard of these past few weeks." His face cleared, and he forced a smile. "But that is my concern, what's important is that you are alive and recovering." He said. "Soon, you'll start your training, you'll have to learn how to use that weapon of yours." He nodded to the spear I'd leaned on the armrest of my chair. "This attack of the Myrmidons will not be the last of them. Eventually, once you're ready, I think a quest will be in order."
    "A quest?" I asked nervously.
    Chiron nodded. "I will explain further once you're ready to lead one."
    "Lead, a quest?" I backed into my chair slightly. "Hold on. I'm not, the leader type, and anyways, who would I lead?"
    The old centaur smiled. "Oh it will be up to you to choose who can come along with you, before that day, you'll have plenty of time to make new friends."
    "New friends." I said to myself. I'd already met a whole bunch of people. Will and the Stoll twins seemed like good people. "I suppose."
    "Good." Chiron patted my soulder. "Now come, it's almost dinner time, wouldn't want you to miss your first dinner at camp."
    I helped push him out of the house. Once we got to the front porch, he stopped, pressed a button on his wheelchair and the blanket covered legs suddenly retracted inside the chair, followed by a series of clicks. Then Chiron started to move. His lower body, where his legs should be, started to elongate into, yep he definitely was centaur. Somehow, someway, Chiron's entire white horse body was able to fit in a magic chamber connected to the wheelchair.
    "Your wheelchair is a TARDIS." I said, looking amazed.
    Chiron smiled, strecthing himself out, free of confinment, his long while tail swishing from one side to the other. "I've never heard that comparison before, but I suppose you could say that." Once he was done stretching out, he extended his arm towards me. "Up you get son, the others will be there in a minute, best not be late."
    I grabbed his arm and hopped onto his back just as I'd done with Chariclo, wrapping my arms around his waist. I'd ridden horses before on a school trip, but centaurs were a different matter, and not just because they had a human body stuck to their front. Chiron jumped off the porch and galloped towards the dining pavillion.

    I didn't want to wake up, but my headache insisted. I wasn't entirely sure why my head felt as if someone was attempting to smash it open with a chizzle when my injury was in my stomach. It took me a while to open my eyes successfully and adjust to the light.
I was laying in bed, in a room lined with beds, it looked like the school infirmary. At first I tought maybe it had all been a mere dream, and something more plausible had happened to me. Maybe I'd blacked out, fallen down the stairs? That would certainly explain the headache. But something told me that wasn't the case, and I confirmed it when I attempted to move. A sharp stab of pain went through my body. Suddenly I could feel the stab wound that went from my back all the way through. My whole upper body felt like it was melting in acid from the inside and I could barely feel my legs. I lay back down and the pain subsided, if only slightly. In an attempt to distract myself from the pain I scanned the room. It was an infirmary, but it wasn't the school infirmary, I was sure of that. The walls weren't white, they were made of wood, and the whole place looked a lot more, comfortable and friendlier than the creepy sanitised ones I was familiar with. There were only six beds and only mine was occupied, for the time being I was alone. I looked out the window across the room but I couldn't make out anything but the fact it was daylight. How long was I unconscious? I looked to my right. On the bedside table was a small metal canteen and propped on the table was my spear, the same one with which I'd killed my first dirt man. It was then that I realised just how thirsty I was, my mouth felt like I'd been gargling hot coals.
    I slowly propped myself on my elbows, trying to ignore the drumming in my head. I pulled off my covers to look at my wound. My whole abdomen was tightly wrapped in white bandages like a fresh mummy, as if whoever had wrapped them was afraid my intestines would spill out if it was any looser. I saw no blood, so I assumed they had been changed multiple times. No blood? Fine by me. I reached out and took the canteen, opened the top and sniffed the liquid, wait, was that vanilla ice cream? It smelled like it. Curious, I took a small sip. It was so good, a mix of baking chocolate and vanilla, with just a sprincle of cinnamon thrown in for show. I was so amazed by the taste it took me a moment to realise some of the pain in my head had receeded all of a sudden. I was about to take a bigger sip when the door to the left opened, and an old guy in a wheelchair came in, followed closely by a tall blonde kid in an orange t-shirt.
    "I wouldn't drink too much of that if I were you." The old man smiled as he wheeled his way to my bed. "Wouldn't want you to burst into cinders now."
    "Um." I glanced from the canteen to the two newcomers. "I didn't know vanilla was flammable."
    The boy smirked and handed me another canteen. "Here, some water will do just fine."
    I exchanged canteens and drank gratefully. Wiping my mouth I asked. "Who, who are you?" I directed the question to the older man, he seemed to be the one in charge. He sort of reminded me of Charles Xavier from X-Men, the whole old guy in a wheelchair thing.
    "My name is Chiron." The old man said. "I am director of Camp Half-Blood." He extended a hand and I shook it. "And this is William." He nodded to the blonde guy who gave me a small smile, then looked at my bandages critically.
    "Call me Will." He said.
    "Will here has been taking care of your wound." Chiron explained. "Celestial bronze injuries are more difficult to heal, not even nectar can repair the wound quickly."
    "Nectar?" He asked. "Is that the vanilla thing?"
    "Nectar is the drink of the gods." Will explained as he leaned down to examine the bandages. "In small quantities it can heal most wounds relly fast, drink too much and you'll burn up, literally."
    I wasn't quite sure if he was joking or not. "Gods drink vanilla?" I lifted an eyebrow.
    Chiron leaned back in his chair. "Nectar tastes differently to every individual, depending on what their favourite taste is."
    Ok, I thought, sure. "Wait, time out, gods?" I asked, only just realising what Will had said. "What do you mean gods? I'm atheist so-"
    Chiron chuckled. "Let's take this slowly alright? First, we've introduced ourselves, but what is your name boy?"
    I thought for a moment, then said. "Faraday, Davy Faraday."
    "Well Davy Faraday." Chiron said. "Would you mind telling me how you got here? Then you can ask any questions, and I might even answer some."
    I didn't feel very reassured, but I told him my story. How I'd failed to finish my exam, how I was chased by creepy business men who turned into armored killers, how I was saved by a centauride and how she'd transported me to New York. I ended the story on getting impaled by a six foot spear and falling unconscious.
    "And that's it." I said. I examined the old man for a moment as he frowned in thought, Will was standing off to the side, listening curiuosly. "You said your name was Chiron, you're the husband Chariclo mentioned." I said.
    Chiron was silent for a moment. "I haven't seen her in a long time, but yes, Chariclo is my wife." He said, his expression inscrutiable.
    "Wait." Will said. "You're married?" He grinned. "That's news to me, she one of the Party Ponies?"
    "Centaur marriage is different than with humans." Chiron said. "And no she is not, she preffers to do her own thing, what she was doing in Washington, I have no idea, though I am grateful that she happened to run into you like she did."
    Something sparked at the back of my head. "Centaur marriage?" I said. "You're a centaur? You're Chiron, like, the Chiron?"
    Chiron looked up. "You're familiar with Greek mythology?"
    "A bit yeah." I said. "You don't look like a centaur to me, the lack of a horse body and all."
    Chiron smiled slightly. "I prefer to appear as human as possible when meeting new demigods." He said. "Well I suppose this should make things easier. I assume you know who the Greek gods are?" He asked.
    I nodded. "Of course, the twelve Olympians and all that." I said. "Oh wait, you're not about to tell me they're real?"
    Chiron smiled. "Very well, I won't tell you, you seem to already know that."
    "And it's thirteen actually." Said Will. I looked at him. "As of a couple of months ago Hades is now an Olympian as well, finally got himself a seat on the Council."
    "Hades?" I stared. "Like, god of the dead Hades?" Both of them nodded.
    "The gods of Olympus are very real Davy." Chiron explained. "And so is everything else that comes along with Greek mythology, it isn't myth, it's fact, but given enough time, any part of history can become myth."
    Surprisingly, I didn't have a hard time believeing him, and not just because of what had already happened to me by then, I just felt like I'd known it all this time.
    "But, wouldn't people notice if the world was filled with monsters and super powerful gods and whatnot?" I asked.
    "A fair question." Chiron said. "But no, they wouln't, at least, they wouldn't see the real thing. The vision of mortals, that is to say, ordinary humans is clouded by a magical mist that separates the mortal world from the world of gods and demigods. You are one such demigod. On one side you have a mortal parent and on the other, an immortal god."
    Again, I knew he was telling the truth. I'd never known my father, and my mom never had much time to tell me about him. "Demigod, just like Hercules and those ancient heroes?"
    Chiron nodded. "Exactly like that. Gods often have children with mortals and it is the purpose of Camp Half-Blood to find demigods like you and Will and bring them here to safety, where we train you to survive in the mortal world where you are in constant danger of monster attacks."
    "So, who's my godly parent?" I asked curiously.
    Chiron shrugged. "That remains to be seen, if you haven't been claimed by your parent already, you should be by the end of the day, this has recently become a common occurence."
    "Okay." I said. "And what were those, things that attacked me, and almost killed me?"
    Chiron frowned at that. "I am not entirely sure, angry spirits who had somehow escaped the Underworld and taken temporary physical form, can you describe them for me in more detail?" He asked.
    I oblidged. "Well, they were pretty buff guys, bearded, they all wore the same black armor, some had shields and kinda looked like zombies, and turned to dirt when I stabbed them."
    Chiron nodded. "And they all had black bands tied around their heads, correct?"
    I nodded. "Yeah, how did you know?"
    He didn't answer. He went into deep thinking mode. After half a minute Will cleared his throat loudly and Chiron blinked. "I'm sorry." He appologied. "I'm not quite sure what this means, I'll have to talk to you about this later, but for now, do you think you can stand?" Chiron glanced at Will, who nodded.
    "The wound is healing well now that he's drunk some nectar." He said.
    I did feel much better, the vanilla nectar was doing a good job of kicking the pain out. "Sure, I could use a walk."
    "Alright." Chiron nodded. "Will, you can help him walk for now, show him around camp and fill him in on all he needs to know. And give him some ambrosia to speed the healing further." He said as he turned his wheelchair around. "Oh and that spear of yours, it's an impressive weapon." And with that he rolled out of the infirmary.
    "You got it." Will called. "You sure you wanna get up?" He asked, looking back at me. Looking into his eyes I realised for the first time, they guy could have passed for my brother on first glance. I was slightly taller than him, but unlike him I could definitely use some workout. We had similair facial features, same eyes, except his were blue, and my hair was red and his blonde. Well I did say on first glance.
    "Yeah." I said. "Yeah I want to get up, how long was I out anyways?"
    As he helped me up he said. "Oh, you've been out of it for five days now." He handed me a clean orange t-shirt just like his, with the words Camp Half-Blood and a logo of a flying pegassus in the middle.
    "Five days?" My eyes widened.
    Will cracked a smile. "Don't worry, the record for unconscious newcomer is twenty two days, so you're fine."
    I had some trouble putting my t-shirt on so Will helped, then he put an arm on my shoulder and helped me out of the infirmary. I used my spear for additional support. The house was big, the Big House, I realised, with multiple floors and many doors, but Will led me outside. Once we got to the front porch I leaned on the railing for time out. While there I took a moment to admire the view. Now I knew why it was called Camp Half-Blood. It looked just like most other summer camps would. There was a forest, a lake to one side, the sea on the other. In between there were various summer-campy things like cabins, except each cabin looked different, a few looked like ancient Greek temples while one reseblmed a steampunk factory. There was also a basketball court, a volleyball court and many other courts. I had to admit, this looked like a pretty cool place to spend a summer at. The only thing that looked slightly discouraging was a giant climbing wall down which poured an endless supply of actual lava.
    Will noticed what I was looking at and smirked. "Oh you'll be climbing that in no time." I stared at him. "Don't worry, only one person has died on it this year." Again, I wasn't entirely sure if he was joking or not.
    "Place looks pretty empty." I said. Sure there were a few dozen people milling about but this place was big enough to accomodate a Metallica conzert.
    "Oh we have a lot more people that come to camp." Will explained. "But most only come during summer, then go back to the mortal world to attend school and try to blend in and play mortal."
    "But you're here." I pointed out.
    "There are some year rounders yeah." Will nodded. "There's usually even less people at this time but the satyrs have been bringing in more demigods recently, and most come from orphanages so they stay here."
    "Satyrs." I repeated. "Goat people, servants of Pan the Wild Man." I said.
    Will chuckled. "It's a good thing you already know this stuff, you'll get used to it all being real much easier." He said. "The satyrs help us out alot with bringing in new demigods, they have an excellent sense of smell and can track down demigods and sense monsters. We send them to schools across the country for that reason."
    Then I realised I'd missed one very important question. "Hold on, if this is all real and Greek gods and myths are an actual thing." I said. "Why America? I'm pretty sure all the old stuff happened in Greece."
    Will nodded again. "It did, but you see there is this thing called the Flame of the West, it's a magical thing that moves just as the 'western civilisation' does, and Olympus follows it." He said. "All of it started in Greece thousands of years ago, then the gods moved to Rome once the Romans decided to worship the same gods, they just renamed them. Centuries later, when the Western Roman Empire fell the gods moved back to Greece or what was then the Eastern Roman Empire which stuck around for another millenia, but after the Romans adopted Christianity the gods moved west again. This time to England which became the most poweful, if maybe not the biggest empire in the world, and much later they moved here to America once the United States were formed."
    I listened to this intently. It sounded pretty reasonable. The Romans did worship the same gods, and the Eastern Empire did adopt Christianity. "What do you mean, Olympus followed it? Isn't Olympus a mountain in Greece?" I asked.
    "Sure." Will nodded. "There's Mt. Olympus and then there's Olympus, as in the palace of the gods." He said. "It's magical so it moves around like a big sky ship."
    "And where is it 'anchored' now?" I asked.
    "New York, Empire State Building." He said with a shrug, as if it we the most obvious answer.
    "Okay, sure." I said. "Have you been there?"
    "Yep." He nodded. "This summer, there was this pretty big battle between the gods and the titans."
    I stared. "Come again?"
    "Ever heard the news of Mt. Saint Hellens exploding?" He asked.
    "Of course." I said. "Hard to miss, it was all over the news."
    "That was Precy blowing up a forge of Hephaestus and waking up the giant monster Typhon who then proceeded to cause havock across the states before the gods finally stopped him near New York." Will said. "You must have seen the hurricane reports too."
    I was baffled. "That was all you people? The volcano, the hurricanes, all of it?"
    Will nodded again. "You'll soon find out that most great disasters in the world are caused by gods and ancient all powerful monsters." He smirked at my expression.
    "And who's Percy?" I asked, the name hadn't escaped my notice.
    Will shrugged. "Oh, nobody in particular, he just happened to save the world last summer by defeating the Titan lord Chronos in the palace of the gods on Olympus." The more he talked the more amused the appeared, must have been my dumbstruck expression.
    "Okay, okay enough." I said, lifting my palms in surrender. "Too much info to process at once."
    Will chuckled. "That's how it usually goes with newcommers, but you'll get used to it eventually." He reassured me. "Now come on, I'm supposed to show you around. I'll introduce you to the other campers."
    I was feeling slightly more stable on my feet now, so I decided to walk on my own, with the help of my spear. "Lead on." I followed him down the stairs and towards the cabins.

    Okay, lets do this, good thing I'm not dyslectic otherwise this would take a century to write. So Jackson thinks he's the only one who can pull this sort of thing off? Well watch me.
    Right, Chiron says I should introduce myself, also there's this whole warning thing I have to go through before I get to the story. So WARNING! If it so happens that you are a demigod like myself, or if you have that annoying problem of monsters trying to kill you day in and day out, I'd suggest you stop reading now, go to your school and find a satyr, ask and they'll help out, that's their job. Don't know how to reckognise a satyr? Easy, they walk funny and eat cutlary. But if you are a mere mortal and believe all this to be but a work of fiction, feel free to read on, unbelievers. I say again, demigods, do not read this, as much as I appreciate the enthusiasm I'd feel a right git if I found out my work of literary art was responsible for your gruesome and untimely death at the hands of ugly monsters.
    Still, reading? Well, your funeral. But if you insist, put your seatbelts on, this is going to get weird.
    So my name is Faraday, Davy Faraday. Pulled off a James Bond reference in the first few paragraphs, check. And as I've mentioned before, I am a demigod. What's a demigod, you might be asking yourself. A demigod is what happens when a mortal, that is to say human, and an immortal all powerful god do, well you know, candles, romantic music, some wine maybe, you get the picture. Demigods are children of gods mixing with humans. That's right, gods are real, at least the ancient Greek Olympians, I really don't want to consider the possibility of...well, never mind.
    Now that that's out of the way, a little about myself. I am a member of the Faraday family, a very old family stretching on for generations, of course we weren't always the Faradays but we'll get to that later. I'm a mix of a multitude of nationalities. A little bit of German, French, Irish, Italian and many others, all in my blood, which sounds a little weird when I say it like that. But I myself am just American. My family moved here, to Washington before the start of World War number Two, my German great grandparents weren't really into what that Adolf fellow was on about, so they ended up here. My grandparents started this dental company, and they became pretty successful, opening shops all over the world, which gave them plenty of traveling opportunities. And they didn't seem to mind, nor did my mom. She inherited the company and continued the family tradition of travelling, never staying in one place for too long. When I was younger, somewhere between toddler and ankle biter, she used to bring me along, so at least it's nice to know that somewhere in my brain I have memories of places like London, Paris, Tokyo, places I'll probably never visit again. As I got older though my mom decided, for some reason, not to take me along on her travels anymore, saying it was for my own good to stay at home. And that's where the not so good stuff started to happen. The company fell into some unexplainable debts and one thing led to another, bankrupcy, bla bla bla and company was shut down. A dental company, seriously. In the middle of it all, my mom caught lung cancer, no wonder seeing as how she was a heavy smoker. That didn't do her much good, unfortunately. Back then she was still travelling around trying to save her company from falling appart, but the travel took a toll on her, and just a couple of months after being diagnosed with it, she died, on the road. And that was mom, poof, never saw her again. Meanwhile I was left a five year old orphan. I know, tragic right? Well, I suppose so but all that happened a long time ago, so no need to fell all sorry and teary eyed!
    Anyways, fast forward eleven years, this is where the tale begins. I lived at this campus in Washington, not a bad place. I fit in well enough, had friends, had enemies, good teachers, bad teachers, evil satanic teachers, the usual. My life was nothing special, I wasn't a special student, good at some things, bad at most others but I always scraped by. I was part of a music group as well, I was good with a couple of instruments but I also didn't mind singing, but when it came to singing I was really picky about songs, otherwise I was okay with almost every kind of music. I was also surprisingly good a history, world history mind you. I don't know why but I just had a knack for memorising names and events, years and dates not so much. I was also pretty good with languages, though I didn't speak any of them fluently or anything close to it, I took Spanish, German and even French classes. What I really despised however, was maths. My German teacher always says maths is the same thing as languages. If that were the case I'd actually be good at it. Maths was my Achilles heel, luckily I wasn't a unique case concerning maths so I never really cared much. Okay, now to sent the scene.
    It was sometime in December, don't remeber the exact day. I was sitting in the classroom, writing my history exam. It was a surprisingly sunny day, wasn't very warm but the sun looked so inviting, especially to us students, stuck inside, trying to cram a months worth of information into a single sheet of paper, oh I love the finals. Well actually I didn't have much trouble with history, it was dull work but I wasn't too worried.
    I took a short time out after writing about the connections between the American and French revolutions, who'd have thought that Napoleon mightn't have risen to power if France hadn't gone bankrupt because of it's aid during the American Revolution. I was just about to move on to the next question when that strange gut feeling returned. Oh, I should mention I suppose, the weird feeling I kept feeling in my gut, like somebody was playing a bass guitar inside. I don't know why, but whenever I felt that, I got a sense of imminent danger, and my ADHD kicked in.
    But before I could do more than twitch in my seat, the feeling was gone. I looked around, nothing had changed. Everyone else was still either writing or staring dejectedly into their papers, while Mr. Pendleton, the history professor, sat at his table, doing his best not to fall asleep. Everytime he nodded off, whoever sat behind me would ask me a question, knowing that I knew the answer, and the moment I gave them the answer, a ripple of whipers would spread across the room, which made Mr. Pendleton jolt awake, adjust his bowtie and stare at us suspiciously, before repeating the process. And so the exam went on.
    I'd just about forgotten about my little panick attack when it happened again. I was about to move on to my final question when somebody decided to cut one of the bass strings. I jumped in my seat, but nobody noticed, so engrosed in their exams as they were. I tried to focus on writing but I couldn't even read the question. My foot started to tap on it's own and I started swetting. I felt like somebody was pointing a lazer at me, and any time now a rocket was going to fly out of nowhere and cause all sorts of trouble. I couldn't take it anymore. I shot out of my chair, drawing a few looks from fellow students, walked up to the teacher's desk and handed in my almost finished exam, once Pendleton woke up that is.
    He took my paper and gave it a quick scan, lifted an eyebrow and said. "Mr. Faraday are you feeling quite well? You don't look so good, and you've missed one of the questions." Pendleton said, sounding a little disappointed, after all, I was the only one who ever payed attention in his classes so he expected me to get top marks.
    "No, not feeling well, not well at all sir." I said, not having to put in too much effort to look sick. "I think I should visit the infirmary." I said.
    Pendleton frowned at me, then glanced at his watch. "Well, the bell is about to ring, I suppose you may go then." He nodded.
I turned on the spot, picked up whatever I had on my desk, and left the classroom in a state of utter panick, with only a few minutes to go.
    I half walked, half jogged my way, not to the infirmary, but towards the dorms and my room. I knew there was nothing in the infirmary that could help me, so I just ran to the safest place I knew, almost tripping on the stairs and cracking my head on the floor in the process.
    As I reached the door to my room, I noticed it was unlocked. Sawyer must have a free period or something. I thought to myself. And true enough, he was inside, splayed across his bed, headphones on, blazing some metal song so loud I could hear it on the other side of the room. Sawyer, as you might have guessed by now, was my roommate, although I only saw him during our music lessons and in the evenings, as otherwise we took different classes. He was a thin, lanky kid, slightly taller than me, with long blonde hair, wearing a Metallica t-shirt, jeans and army boots. We got along well enough, though we didn't really know eachother very well, Sawyer was relatively new to the school. We understood eachother as far as music goes, both of us played the guitar.
    At the moment though, I decided not to bother him. He was lying face down in his pillow and blasting music so loud he probably didn't even hear me come in. Instead I went into the bathroom and locked myself in. It was then and only then that I could finally stop and take a moment to breathe. That was a pretty big panick attack there, usually they didn't last so long, nor were they so intense. But after washing my face in the sink and just breathing for a few seconds, I managed to calm down. I leaned on the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. There was nothing special about my face, one straight nose, a pair of amber eyes, some ears, short messy red hair and a small scar on my chin, freak fishing accident, don't ask.
    Once I deemed myself calm and collected enough I unlocked the door and came out. Nothing had changed, Sawyer was still in the same position, just a slightly different, louder song playing. I didn't mind. I sat down crosslegged on my own bed opposite Sawyer's, took my iPod from under my pillow and scrolled through a bunch of songs. Not sure of what to listen to I put it on shuffle. I sat like that for a couple of minutes, loosing myself in the music, it always helped me calm down. But after about fifteen minutes I realised I was hungry. On the spot I decided a walk was in order, I still had a while and if I hurried I'd make it back in time without anyone noticing I'd left, certainly not Sawyer.
    I got up and opened the door, taking a moment to glance back at Sawyer one more time, not realising that was probably the last time I'd ever see him.


    When I left the school grounds it was almost six o'clock, I knew I had to be back by eight, so I had some time to waste. I made my way down the streets, my iPod now playing Bohemian Rhapsody. As usual I kept my right hand in the pocket of my jeans out of habit, clutching the iPod for no particular reason, my other hand swung loosley as I walked. At first I had no particular destination in my mind, then I remembered I was hungry. I'd forgotten to take more money with me so I couldn't afford more than a simple hotdog and some diet coke from a street vendor, I'm not a fan of diet coke but that's all the vendor guy was selling. I sat down on a bench in a local park, it was mostly deserted, just a couple neighbourhood kids playing around, and two tall dudes in black suits off to the side, standing underneath a pine tree and talking silently, in their hands they both held black business suitcases. I took a moment to wonder what they could possibly be doing here in a park in downtown Washington, when they looked like they belonged at the White House. The hotdog distracted me however, and after a few bites I stopped paying attention to them, big mistake.
    By the time I finished my meal I'd completely forgotten the reason I left school in the first place, music tends to make me forget myself. After almost fourty minutes of just sitting and listening to random songs, I realised seven o'clock was long passed, and I had to be back at school by eight. I got up instantly and was just looking around for a trash bin when I noticed the two business dudes. They were still there, they hadn't moved from under the cover of that tree. I was about to dismiss the thought when that feeling in my gut returned, as if an amateur was attempting to fine tune a piano. I frowned, but I still turned my back and made my way out of the park, my hands in my pockets, walking a little faster, though that was mostly due to the fact I was about to be late.
    After two blocks, I was certain the business dudes were following me, I do not believe in coincidences and I had a hard time believing that those two just happened to be standing in the park for as long as I was there and just happened to be going in the same direction that I was. I picked up my pace now, dodging people going the other way, I even turned off and put away my iPod, the situation was that serious. With only ten minutes to eight o'clock and my stalkers still on my trail, I decided to deliberately try to loose them.
    I weered off into an alley at the first possible opportunity and ran across to the adjacent street, then ran across the road, almost becoming roadkill at the hands of an ice cream truck, and into another alley. This alley wasn't a straight line to the other side, it had another path leading to the right, but I just jogged in a straight line. When I was a few yards away from the alley exit, one of the business dudes showed up, blocking my way out. I stopped in my tracks. Great. I thought. I turned around only to see the other guy already walking towards from the way I'd come. Now was the time to panick, I felt a few piano strings snap inside me. I looked around frantically, there were no catwalks, just the aditional alleyway to my right. I glanced at one the the guys heading towards me, and I blanched. The guy no longer wore a black suit. He was wearing full combat armor, and I was pretty sure that was the kind of armor the Greeks wore two and a half thousand years ago. And the suitcase, oh the suitcase had been replaced with a six foot long metal spear. My head spun to the other guy, same deal, armor, spear. The last thing I noticed about them before I bolted down the alley was that both had black bands tied around their heads, and their faces reminded me of Walking Dead.
    When I ran, they ran after, there was no help to be called in the alley. I did my best to slow them down by tipping over trash cans, barrels, crates, whatever came to hand, even a potted plant. It wasn't as effective as I'd hoped. Soon an eight foot fence impeeded my progress. I'm usually not good at climbing over tall fences, but for some reason, the prospect of getting impaled on a spear was a great motivator. With unexpected agility I jumped and managed to swing myself over the fence, just as the two, whatever they were, reached me. They were much slower to climb over in their armor, which gave me the opportunity to arm myself with a metal rod I took out of a trash container. It prooved useful in poking the guys as they ettempted to climb the fence. Three times I managed to unbalance them, causing them to fall down. One of the guys growled at me and tried to stab me through the fence, and he would probably have succeeded, if not for my super fast reflexes. Wait, since when did I have super fast reflexes? I don't know how, but I managed to grab onto the spear and snatch it out of the guy's grip. I was just about to laugh in his face when the other one swung his spear in a wide arch and swiped at the fence. The metal pole in the fence snapped in half as if it were made of cheese and the fence collapsed, so I did the natural thing, I ran. Dead end, you saw it coming, and there I was thinking that only happened in movies. I took a turn and there it was, a solid wall of doom, the only way out of this alley now was through the Greek businessmen. Unless I could fly, and I was pretty sure I couldn't. I spun round, the sound of running footsteps getting closer and closer.
    My heart was beating so fast I was sure not even the Flight of the Bumblebee had a slower tempo. My hands were shaking but I kept a firm grip on the spear. My legs however were not shaking, the seemed to do well under stress, tense but steady. Just when my hunters were about to round the corner, instinct took over. Up till then I didn't even know I had those instincts. My legs and arms moved automatically in a split second, like my subconscious just took over and did what I couldn't possibly do willingly. I threw the spear like a professional javerlin thrower. The spear flew across the alley and just in time, the unarmed hunter rounded the corner. The spear went right through him. I was expecting some top noch Quentin Tarantino gore, but the moment the spear came into contact with the hunter's neck, a lethal strike, the hunter disintegrated in a pile of, was that dirt? The spear flew into a wall on the far side, taking a chunk of brick on impact.
    I stared, shocked on multiple levels. First, I'd just preformed a gold medal worthy olympic javerlin throw even though I'd never held a spear in my life. Second, I'd just killed a man dressed in ancient Greek armor, who burst into a pile of dirt as if a pot plant had fallen off one of the windowsills up above.
    Unfortunately I didn't have time to dwell on any of those thoughts as just then the other hunter appeared, very much alive and very angry. He didn't stop to marvel at my spear throwing abilities, instead he charged me.
    "Well, this is it." I said to myself. "A short life but a merry one."
    Just as I readied myself to be impaled and finally find out if there really was a tunnel, an arrow zipped through the air somewhere from behind my attacker. As if in slow motion, I watched as the arrow flew uncontested through the back on the man's head and out the forehead. More disturbingly, I witnessed the man turn into dirt up close. The arrow flew past my ear and bounced off the wall, while I got a mansized amount of dirt in my face, wonderful. I spluttered and coughed, spitting mud that tasted a lot like ashes and rot. I was trying to dust off my shirt when I remembered, there was somebody else in the alley with me. I looked up.
    As if angry, shapeshifting Greek businessmen weren't enough, right across the alley stood a horse, no, a man, no woman, no horse...woman. My brain was on the verge of imploding when the woman-horse person spoke.
    "Don't be afraid." She said, yes definitely a she. "You're safe now, for the time being."
    I didn't exactly have an answer, and if I did, I wasn't sure I'd be able to speak. Instead I stared at the newcomer. From the waist up the creature looked like a normal, very athletic woman, with tanned skin, long braided brown hair, a kindly face with chocolate brown eyes. She wore a simple brown leather jacket. But from the waist down, she was a beautiful, light brown arabian horse. A centaur, I realised.
    "Y-You, uh...umm." I stammered.
    She smiled and approached, slinging a long compound bow over her back as her hooves made loud clopping noises that reverberated through the alley, I was surprised I hadn'd heard the sounds before, they were hard to miss.
    "There is nothing to be worried about, I am here to help." She said, and I believed her.
    "You, you're a, a centaur." I said once I finally found my voice.
    "Centauride." She corrected with yet another smile, a female centaur. "My name is Chariclo."
    "And those, things." I said, looking at the spot where the last hunter disintegrated. "What were they?"
    Chariclo frowned. "I am not sure, malevolent spirits would be my guess." She said. "Many things have been stirring lately." She looked at me again, he smile fading slightly. "What is your name child?"
    I cleared my throat, it took me a moment to remember. "Um, Faraday, Davy Faraday." I said. "What do you mean stirring? And last I checked, centaurs were mythological creatures like the nymphs and driads and stuff."
    She smiled again, but this time it looked forced. "Oh I assure you I am very real, but I do not have time to explain myself, I have to get you out of here lest these, creatures come back."
    Getting as far away from this place as possible sounded great to me, but I couldn't help but notice she'd ignored my question. "And go where?" I asked instead.
    "I shall take you to a safe place for children like you, my husband will be happy to welcome you, once you are there, he will answer any questions you may have." She pointed towards the arrow on the groud. "Would you be so kind."
    I turned and picked the arrow off the floor, examining it before I handed it back to Chariclo. "Where is this safe place?" I asked again.
    "In New York." She said simply, as if that was an obvious answer.
    "New York." I repeated. "And we're in Washington." I said. "How do you plan-oh wait, you want me to, ride you?"
     She nodded. "Of course, centaurs can cover distances very fast, I do not often allow mortals to ride with me, but I can make an exception now and then." She said as she returned the arrow to the quivver on her back.
    "Wait, hold on." I waved my hands in a stopping motion. "I live in Washington, New York is miles away, and I'm late for school, I'm supposed to be in my dorm room right now, if they find out I-"
    Chariclo silenced me with a wave of her hand. "That does not matter now, you are in danger as long as you are here, it doesn't matter whether you are in a dark alley or thinking yourself safe inside your school. They will return, and they will find you."
    And kill me? I thought to myself. What is this, Taken?
    "What about all my stuff?" I asked. "All my school books and, and stuff." I didn't really have many other belongings, and I could do without the books but I valued my guitar highly. This centaur lady was asking me to leave my home just like that, no explanation, no excuse. And I was grateful and all, that she'd saved my life, but my brain was still sizzling, ready to pop like corn any minute. I had just been attacked by dirt dudes and now I was talking to a mythological creature.
    "I am sorry, but you cannot go back, they know where you live, they can track your scent, the only place you'll be safe is in New York." She urged, already offering me a muscular hand to climb up on her back.
    "Who are they?" I retorted stubbornly. "Look, I just went out for a hotdog when I was assaulted, I could just call the police." Even as I said it I realised how stupid that sounded. Like anyone would ever believe I was attacked by two angry dirt zombies and was saved by a centaur, they'd proably think I was an overzealous Harry Potter fan or something.
    She gave me a strange look. "You know that will not work, they will not believe you." She said. "Now come, pick up that spear and let us be off, it is a long way to New York but I will manage it easily."
    I looked at the spear on the floor. "Why hasn't it vanished as well?" I asked.
    "It is a spoil of war, it belongs to you now." She answered.
    I knelt down and picked it up. I looked it over for just a moment, I'd examine it in detail some other time. With a sigh, I stood back up and said. "Alright, okay, I'm going." I grabbed Chariclo's arm and she pulled me onto her back with surprising ease.
    "Hold tight!" She warned. "Wouldn't want you falling off mid trip, who knows where you might end up." She souded lightly amused at those words for some reason.
    "Wont others see you?" I asked. "I mean, it's not like you see a sixteen year old riding an ancient mythological creature through downtown every day, is it?"
    She gave one last smile. "The mortals have very poor eye sight."
    Before I could ask "Mortals?" I felt a sudden pull at my back, as if a hook had just snached me from behind.
    We moved so fast I almost got whiplash. I hugged Chariclo's waist tighter and did my best not to slide off her back. I dared to open my eyes. What I saw reminded me of whenever they went to hyperspace in Star Wars. Everything around me sort of, stretched out, elongated as we zipped past is. I saw tall buildings, skyscrapers, then houses, a factory, then fields, lots of fields and forests, all zooming along as if I was looking out the window of a bullet train. I contemplated asking exactly what laws of physics applied to centaurs, but decided best to keep my mouth shut, as I had the feeling more than words would come out if I opened it. I sat immobile for what seemed like an hour before I felt Chariclo's powerful muscles gradually slow.
    I opened my eyes for the second time. It was almost night now, the sun had almost set on the horizon. Then, looking around I noticed a complete change of scenery.
    Chariclo had stopped on a small road some miles away from "New York!" I gasped. I was right, those were not the familiar skyscrapers of Washington DC, those were the towers of the Big Apple itself, even in the descending dark I could still spot the tip of the Empire State Building.
    "Yes." Chariclo said, she sounded amused. "As I said, we centaurs can cover distances much faster than mortals can imagine."
    There was that word again, mortals. I'd have to inquire about that later. "You said the safe place was in New York, why are we here then?" I asked, releasing my grip on Chariclo, my arms felt sore and numb, not to mention my legs and all the other more delicate places.
    "This is Long Island." Chariclo explained. "The camp is near here, but I am afraid I cannot accompany you further."
    "Camp?" I said inquisitively, jumping off Chariclo's back and stretching my legs. "You didn't mention a camp."
    "My husband will explain everything once you're there, but I cannot go with you, not now." She said. "Follow this road, 3.141 Farm Road, that is where you will find safety. There you will see a hill, and on the hill a tall pine tree, that marks the border of the camp. Cross the border, and monsters will not be able to follow you, it is well protected. Go to the Big House, look for Chiron, he will be happy to let you stay, you will be safe there." She said all this in a rather hurried tone, not even looking in the direction she was pointing.
    "Why can't you come? Who's Chiron? And monsters? Those things were monsters?" I asked. I didn't understand anything she'd said.
    She sighed. "Only do as I say, follow the road, ask for Chiron, he will explain everything."
    I knew pressing for answers was futile. I sighed. "Alright, but thanks anyways, for saving my life and, making an exception on your no kid transport rule."
    Chariclo managed a smile. "I am glad to help when I can, but this is where we part, and I doubt we will see eachother again soon, if ever."
    By now I knew asking why would give no results, so I just nodded. "Okay, um, goodbye then?"
    She nodded. "Goodbye Davy Faraday." And, with a smirk, she was gone.
    I stood there for a little while longer, admiring the view, night had now fallen completely and the glowing lights of New York truly were impressive. After soaking in the sights I turned round and followed the road. "3.141 Farm Road." I said to myself. "Chiron, that sounds familiar." Now I thought about it, I was pretty sure I'd heard the name a few times before.
    The road was completely devoid of traffic, it was eerily silent as well, all I could hear was the whisper of the wind and the distant sounds of the city behind me. Now that I was alone again and moving on my own two legs and not in hyperspace, I took time to recap my day so far. Woke up to a normal day at school, chased out of class by weird gut feelings, followed by businessmen turned psycho dirt zombies, saved by female centaur, transported cross country in less than an hour and dumped on the side of the road with vague explanations and an adress. So far so good.
    As I walked along I considered taking out my iPod again, but something told me not to, something. Then I realised what that something was. That tugging feeling in my gut again, now somebody was playing the bass in my stomack. That tune from The Thing, just a constant repetition of the same bass note, it always creeped me out, especially when walking alone in the dark, like now. I glanced back, nobody there, yet. So far as I knew I was completely alone. Nevertheless I gripped my newly aquired spear tighter in my hand, I wasn't sure if I could pull off another stunt like I did earlier but it still felt reassuring to hold it.
    Then the thrumming in my gut intensified, and instantly I freaked. Not even hesitating my body went into overdrive, and I ran. And just in time, as out of the dark yet another spear went flying past me so close I could feel it cutting throgh the air. I didn't even look back, I just bolted forward, picking up speed when I heard footsteps in hot pursuit. Then I spotted the hill, just like Chariclo had said. A tall pine tree stood proud on top, I though I saw a big lump of something coiled around the trunk but I didn't have much time to pay attention to it. I ran up the hill panting, as a few spears imbeded themselves in the grass between my legs. I made the mistake of looking back. At least a dozen men in black armor and black bands round their heads were chasing me up the hill. I wasn't sure if I could make it. I though I could try to scare them off so I turned around and threw the spear at the closest enemy. To my surprise the spear hit true and the silent hunter was sent flying down the hill before falling hard on his back and disintegrating into dirt just like the first two.
    My moment of glory was short lived however, as more spears came flying my way. One managed to scrape my shoulder. Instantly a sharp pain sent a shock through my body. I'd been cut before, but this felt like the blade was already coated with salt, the cut was shallow but it stung worse than a hornet sting, and I knew that feeling. I almost crumpled to my knees but a sudden burst of adrenaline forced my legs to move. I grabbed one of the spears that they had thrown at me and turned around again, ready to defend myself. Then something moved to my right. What I'd originally thought to be a simple pile of wires coiled around the tree moved. A gigantic serpentine figure raised it's head and roared. But it didn't roar at me, it roared at the attackers. Awesome, at least I have giant lizard backup. I couldn't make the shape of the creature out very well in the darkness, but I wasn't stupid, I'd seen movies, I knew a dragon when I saw one. I almost fainted then and there but was stopped when one of the hunters who had managed to scramble up the hill charged me. He thrust with his spear but I somehow managed to parry with my own. The impact knocked me back and I almost fell over, but something kept me on my feet. He attacked again and this time I dodged. Then I seemed to enter slow motion again. I twisted the spear in my hands and thrust it forward before the enemy had the chance to pull back, the spear stabbed right between the chinks of his armor and I got yet another faceful of dirt. I took a moment to marvel at my victory, but a moment too long. I was just about to turn around and run straight down the hill towards the houses when I felt my back go numb. At first I felt no pain, that would come later. I looked down. There was a hole in my shirt just underneath my ribcage, a little further ahead a spear was imbeded in the ground. It was coated in blood. My blood.
    The entire left side of my body felt numb, I guess it hurt so much my pain receptors short-circuited. I stumbled forward, placing my free hand on the hole in my shirt. That was a lot of blood. I fell to one knee in the grass. The last thing I remembered was another loud roar from the dragon, lights turning on in a large house ahead, and a lot of shouting.
Chapter I
This is a remake of my Percy Jackson fanfic story, it's now finally out of Pre-Alpha testing now that I have an actually plot going on, I've deleted the old chapters, written new and added some stuff from the initial chapters that needed no fixing.

Chapter II


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